About Us

LatinoAmérica is the first Argentine Steak Restaurant in Brighton & Hove, East Sussex.
The owner and his native team are extremely proud to share with you the authentic dishes and extensive knowledge of the cuisine of Argentina.
For over 60 years, Argentina has been recognized around the world for exporting some of the finest quality beef. The secret to its unique taste and tender texture lies in the remote lands of Las Pampas, where the ideal climate and plentiful rainfall result in high quality pastures perfect for healthier cattle.
The menus are true to the spirit of the country; a cultural blending of indigenous and Mediterranean influences (as created by the Italian and Spanish immigrants) within the wide scope of livestock and agricultural products that are abundant in the country.
We have a private dining room that seats up to 28 people located on the first floor – which makes this place ideal for party groups.

Argentina is currently the fifth largest wine producer in the world – at LatinoAmérica, We have a wide selection of the finest wines from across South America. The high altitude and low humidity vineyards of regions like Mendoza, Cuyo and Patagonia make it the ideal environment for growing the perfect grape. We pride ourselves in being Malbec specialists. This grape is the country’s true flavour and all the tastes and sensation of the region are reduced into just one glass of perfection!

Our passion is translated into everything we do and we look forward to sharing it with you!